Frequently Asked Questions

Why Isn’t Gym “X” On Your Network?

We are partnering with more and more gyms everyday. If there is a gym you would like to see on our network, please contact us with details.

Do Unused Visits Carry Over?

No. Our plans are month to month. Any unused visits remain unused. We have four different Tiers of plans. Choose which plan fits your needs.

What Are Your Gym Attendance Policies?

By signing up with Fitiquity, you are agreeing to abide by every gym’s policy that you attend. If you have any specific questions, please refer to that gym’s rules and regulations prior to attendance.

How Do I Find a Nearby Gym?

Our Fitiquity app allows you to search for nearby gyms or find those with specific amenities such as boxing, personal training, spin class, etc. Of course you may also let your GPS locate the closest gym from where you are.

How Much Are Other Fitness Options?

Each gym will have specific pricing for any additional fitness options you may want to purchase. For example, some gyms may charge a Personal Training fee. Once you check in and purchase that activity, your account will be charged that additional fee.

How Many Times Can I Attend One Gym?

As many as your Tier allows per month. Each visit to a gym is treated as, quite simply, a visit. It doesn’t matter which gym it is.

What if I Go Over my Allowed Visits?

Not a problem. Your account will be charged an Additional Day Fee of $5 for each visit over your allowed number of visits per month.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No you don’t have to sign a contract. Our Tier plans are always month to month.